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Search for the nearest bus stop near you by clicking on the Infofinder i button above.

This website also provides morning pick-up and afternoon drop-off times for all school grad levels statewide.

How to Find Your Bus Route

  • Visit www.hawaiischoolbus.com.
  • Select home state from the dropdown menu (Hawaii).
  • Click on "Hawaii Department of Education" link.
  • Enter a street name or residential address.
  • Users will have the option to modify their school search selection via a dropdown menu.
  • Results are displayed in a list and map form.


NEW CHANGES FOR 2023-2024!

Application periods for School Year 2023-2024
Quarter 1: July 17, 2023 - August 31, 2023
Quarter 2: September 18, 2023 - October 31, 2023
Quarter 3: November 27, 2023 - January 31, 2024
Quarter 4: February 19, 2024 - April 30, 2024

[Note: you must apply EACH QUARTER.  No late applications will be accepted if you miss the window to apply.]

QUARTERLY service plan: Round Trip, Morning Only, Afternoon Only [You may not switch AM/PM rides; meaning you may not ride in the afternoon if you have a morning pass only, and vise versa.]

QUARTERLY payment plan: Round Trip ($72), One-Way ($36)

If you want to see if you qualify for Free Bus, you need to apply for Free Lunch through the EZMeal App (https://secure.ezmealapp.com/ApplicationScreen.aspx), which opens up on July 17.

Online Bus Application

Note: There will be NO discretionary passes issued if students are missing their bus pass. Students MUST have their bus pass available to show the bus driver each way.